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By woodwosesilver, Sep 1 2013 05:30PM

While on holiday in Wales, we saw these beautiful brier rose hips. Huge! I couldn't resist picking a kilo from the vast hedge that followed the path from the beach.

Delicious Rosehip Syrup!

I used Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's recipe. I can thoroughly recommend it!

By woodwosesilver, Jul 31 2013 10:44AM

Harvest Lord

I give thanks to the Harvest Lord,

King of elves and hearts;

Lord of love, Lord of light,

Prince of the Vanir, keeping Asgard bright,

I fear nothing with You and Your sister by my side.

Together You turn the world, direct its tides.

I give thanks to the Golden Haired God of the Grain,

Since He´s touched me I haven´t been the same.

Son of the Sea King, ruler of Fae,

Lend me Your power, protection, and presence this day.

Hail Frey!

by Tracy Nichols

By woodwosesilver, Feb 1 2013 02:36PM

Imbolc Blessings to you and your loved ones.

The candle is burning

on the altar of night,

the lantern of morning

begins to arise.

Hear the first bird singing

with tomorrows bright song,

feel the wise trees awaken

in the first hours of morn.

Come the great lantern

from beneath the dark hood,

come the bright dawning

awaken this wood.

Feel the first light of morning

calling days flowers,

gone the dim shadows

come the first dawning hours,


By woodwosesilver, Oct 26 2012 01:00PM

October - and the skies are cool and gray

O'er stubbles emptied of their latest sheaf,

Bare meadow, and the slowly falling leaf.

The dignity of woods in rich decay

Accords full well with this majestic grief

That clothes our solemn purple hills to-day,

Whose afternoon is hush'd, and wintry brief

Only a robin sings from any spray.

And night sends up her pale cold moon, and spills

White mist around the hollows of the hills,

Phantoms of firth or lake; the peasant sees

His cot and stockyard, with the homestead trees,

Islanded; but no foolish terror thrills

His perfect harvesting; he sleeps at ease.

Late Autumn by William Allingham

By woodwosesilver, Oct 5 2012 04:34PM

New in the shop this week are 3 wall hangings. A Green Man, a Goddess and a Dragon. Priced at just £12, these are a great addition to any room.




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